Who Are We?

A breast cancer diagnosis can destroy the financial health and well-being of the patient and their family. While in active treatment, many patients are unable to work and experience a loss of income that can result in catastrophic financial loss.  Many are under or uninsured.

Team Breast Friends is a group of women who have come together over the last 9 years to provide financial assistance to those in the Corridor who are facing the diagnosis of breast cancer.  Beginning in 2008, three founding members were suddenly dealing with mothers, siblings or friends diagnosed with breast cancer.  They were determined to raise awareness in the Corridor about the need for financial help, so those under and uninsured could still have diagnostic care and treatment for breast cancer.

All of us know someone who has been diagnosed with the life-threatening disease.  Team Breast Friends wants to highlight these important issues:

  • early detection does save lives
  • research is necessary for the cure to end breast cancer forever

The founding ladies recruited 9 new people and formed the Iowa City Hope Team.  Iowa City Hope held a wine tasting party with door prizes, community nights at a local restaurant and started their 1st vendor sale with a live auction of donated items from the community to raise the dollars needed to participate in a larger difference.

The team trained and participated for the first time in this spectacular live-changing fundraising event in Chicago, Illinios.

Iowa City Hope continued raising dollars for research, education and awareness.
They again walked in the 3 day event in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Iowa City Hope changed their name to Breast Friends.
Additional members joined and participated with Breast Friends for 3 days in Phoenix, Arizona.

Breast Friends walked for 3 days in Dallas, Texas.

Breast Friends walked the streets and raised awareness in Chicago.

Breast Friends returned to Minneapolis with a few new members for the 3 day event in August.

Breast Friends switched gears to the Avon 2 day / 39 mile walk in Chicago. Breast Friends stepped up their fundraising efforts for the Johnson County area by completing the necessary steps to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and changed their legal name to TEAM BREAST FRIENDS. Team Breast Friends had made the decision to have all monies raised remain in the community here to assist those in financial need and provide mammograms for those without insurance.

Team Breast Friends mission statement was recorded as follows:
“Our mission is to make a positive difference in the lives impacted by breast cancer and bring awareness through our efforts.”

Our mission would be impossible without our supporters in the community!
We started small, but together we have raised just over $300,000 since the conception of Iowa City Hope and now Team Breast Friends today.  Together let’s find a cure for breast cancer and assist as many as we can in our community along the way.

Team Breast Friends added the 5k Rack Run to their list of events they hold annually to raise funds to assist those in the community who are affected by breast cancer.

Team Breast Friends added several new team members bringing their board member total to 18.

Team Breast Friends worked with Maudience, a local Web Design and Digital Marketing Business, to create a brand new logo and the professional-looking website you see today.

Team Breast Friends held a golf outing and Plants for the Cure with much success. Together those 2 events have raised $15,000 which will help those in the community impacted by breast cancer.

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